Organizational Leadership

The College for Bishops Leadership Institute was established to provide educational resources for new bishops as well as trending information resources for all bishops.  Organizational Leadership focuses on specific resources related to essential leadership skills: 

New items of interest are added on a monthly basis. To comment or offer suggestions for additional content, please use the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Developing Leadership Skills


stretching our strategic imagination

You would be hard-pressed to find an Episcopal parish parking lot without “We are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement” bumper-stickers on at least a few vehicles. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s vision has become a frequently invoked catchphrase in sermons, on the Episcopal conference circuit and on social media. But when we claim to be a movement, what, exactly, are we saying? This article from Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices comes from this month’s feature on Strategic Visioning.


Identifying & Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

How are our organizations intentionally identifying and preparing tomorrow’s leaders today? When we think about religious organizations, particularly congregations, often this question becomes framed as, “How do we recruit younger priests?” or, “Where will the next generation of pastors come from?” These are not insignificant questions but something more is needed. How are we identifying and equipping leaders for every level of Christian organizational life and for a diversity of Christian institutions?


Ian T. Douglas: Our job is not to keep the church in business

As bishop of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas takes seriously his administrative duties. But, he says, he also enjoys “throwing all things up in the air, causing chaos, inviting imagination and encouraging folk, particularly by virtue of their baptism.” Specifically, he points to efforts, at both the diocesan and the parish level, to send Christians out into the world, open to the work of the Spirit. This interview comes from Faith & Leadership.

Confessions of a Recovering Micro-manager

Think about the most tired you've ever been at work. It probably wasn't when you stayed late or came home from a road trip -- chances are it was when you had someone looking over your shoulder, watching your each and every move. "If we know that micromanagement isn't really effective, why do we do it?" asks entrepreneur Chieh Huang. In a funny talk packed with wisdom and humility, Huang shares the cure for micromanagement madness -- and how to foster innovation and happiness at work.


passing wisdom to the next generation of leaders

As our clergy population ages, younger ministers are stepping into senior roles at big-steeple churches. How must we mentor and form them so they will thrive? Perhaps we should wonder more about wisdom--specifically, the transfer of wisdom from one generation to the next, and what may get lost along the way.

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