Organizational Leadership

The College for Bishops Leadership Institute was established to provide educational resources for new bishops as well as trending information resources for all bishops.  Organizational Leadership focuses on specific resources related to essential leadership skills: 

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Problem Solving

If you want to tackle big problems, try thinking like a bee

New month. New day. New leaf. So you’ve woken up and decided you’re finally going to take on the big, big problem that’s been weighing on you — perhaps it’s shoring up your public libraries, helping homeless dogs and cats, or fighting climate change. Yet as much as you’d like to act, you’re stopped by some persistent, piping doubts: “Where do I start? And even if I do something, will it really matter?” Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for inspiration — like the humble honey bee. They can show us that thinking small may be the best way to think big.


Welcoming Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Since the deinstitutionalization of people with IDD in the 1960s, the population continues to struggle with significantly heightened loneliness, and while more than 80% of adults with IDD report their faith as important or very important, fewer than half attend church regularly. People with more profound and multiple disabilities and those living in residential settings such as group homes are even less likely to attend church. This article from the Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices current issue on Hospitality and Outreach explores ways to be more welcoming to this population.

Why Multicultural Churches Fail

Developing multicultural congregations is not as much about what we do as it is about who we become. A congregation does not become multicultural through a recipe that says, “add diversity and stir.” It becomes multicultural as its leaders undergo a process of transformation through which they examine and become clearer about their own cultural assumptions and limitations, develop an unending passion for learning about and from people of different cultures, and are willing to face and work through their biases. See also: Part 2 How Multicultural Churches Can Succeed.

A city's PCUSA churches band together in the face of ongoing decline

A decade ago, two Rochester, New York, pastors wondered: What would happen if the city’s PCUSA congregations moved into an uncertain future together, instead of separately and alone? The answer: Life, death and resurrection. Such conversations are an important and necessary part of ministry for the church today.

Five Boring Problems You Can and Need to Fix

At the beginning of 2017, FastCo Design writer Mark Wilson put into words what many Apple fans are feeling: “Dear Apple, please fix boring problems this year. Stop trying to dazzle us. Just give us old-school great design that works.”  As we begin new seasons in our ministries, we dream big dreams. We encourage our churches to be creative and think outside of the box. We launch new programs, start new groups, or re-brand our services. But what if we find ourselves in the same boat as Apple—casting big visions while neglecting the things that matter? Here are some boring problems you can and should fix.

Church has no walls but many doors, accessible to seekers and skeptics

One body with many parts, a Houston “church without walls” brings together house churches, a food truck, pub theology, a laundry ministry and more.  Its priest isn’t trying to do something old in a new way—he’s trying to do something brand-new in the old way.

What is Innovation?

Innovation doesn’t have to be huge to be worthwhile.  It can be a small experiment, a risk that won’t harm your institution but has the potential for measurable gain.  This article by the managing director of grants at Leadership Education (Duke Divinity) explores the ways that a small innovation can have a big impact.


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